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😫Are you fed-up of that Sunday night feeling where you start getting uneasy knowing that tomorrow you’ll be going to a job that’s not positively growing you?

😔Do you feel that you are stagnating in life because dentistry isn’t giving you the ‘oomph’ you desperately need to feel content and fulfilled?

😷Are you denying yourself the right to make the most out of this life by hanging on tightly to dentistry because this is what pays the bills?

If you are currently sort of feeling this way - I felt the same.

In-fact, I felt much worse. My life as a dentist started out as a dream come true and then descended into disaster. To the point where I was crying when I was driving to the practice everyday.😢

In 2016 my dad died. That’s when my life changed completely. I decided to quit dentistry and have a 6-figure income. All I had was 1 year worth of savings. I had to figure it out - fast. 👌

I did an internal deep-dive and I realized there were three core areas I was struggling with:

  1. The Plan – What are the exact steps to take to sustainably live a happier life
  2. The Purpose – What do I really want to do and why
  3. The Future – How do I create a sustainable income from this passion

To solve these problems, I designed a program that helped me:

  1. Go from a limited mindset to a infinite mindset to allow healthy ideas to flourish in my mind
  2. Go from being uninspired to inspired by discovering my purpose and unleashing the hidden genius within me.
  3. Go from feeling like ‘blah’ everyday to jumping out of bed every morning excited about the hours ahead.

I named it The Re-IGNITE System.

👉Because the sole purpose of the system is to get you to be happy and live an exciting life in dentistry or out.

And it has worked with alot of people. Take a look at these results 👇

🏆Helen FIRED dentistry (during lockdown) - discovered her INNER GENIUS is aesthetics and now owns a facial aesthetic clinic! (She’s booked up for the next few months)

🏆Ferhan re-charged his dental life through mentoring - and made an extra £40K during lockdown

🏆Fuz re-ignited his dental passion, became a better leader as a Principal for his staff & associates and launched his own coaching program.

If you feel that there’s more to you than just dentistry, and you’d like to see yourself soar in the next 3 months...

Send me a DM and we’ll grab a virtual coffee together.

Zigzee LLP

Zigzee LLP is a limited liability partnership incorporated on 3 October 2013 with the registered office located at Sp Vinshaw Unit 36 Quorum House, Dwight Road, Watford, England, WD18 9SB. Dr Mahmood Mawjee is one of the company partners alongside his wife, Azmina Mawjee.